Client Agreement for Registered Dietitians

If you offer services as a Registered Dietitian and you are working directly with clients, this contract template protects your rights and clearly defines the scope of your work. 

This Purchase Includes: 

  • A legal template in a Word Doc
  • Detailed instructions for customization of your template
  • Lifetime usage of the document
  • Access to any updates we make to the Client Agreement for Registered Dietitians template in the future

The Legal Template Includes: 

  • A Scope of Work to define the services
  • Policies to help create boundaries and better client relationships
  • An overview of the client’s obligations during the relationship
  • Information on compensation and payments, including payment plan options
  • How to terminate the agreement early
  • Dietitian's se of subcontractors
  • Confidentiality
  • Intellectual property usage
  • Testimonial use permission
  • Disclaimer regarding performance guarantees
  • Disclaimer related to scope of practice
  • Waiver and Assumption of Risk
  • Other legal clauses to help ensure you have everything you need


When you purchase the Client Agreement for Registered Dietitians, you also receive access to the following bonuses at no additional cost to you: 

  • Businessese Contract Library - We’ve made it easier than ever to manage your Client Agreement. The Contract Library contains 40+ different topics related to contracts. We provide definitions so you know exactly what things mean, along with tips for navigating the various provisions. The best part? We’re also giving you swipe copy so you can make updates to your Client Agreement with ease. (Value $350)
  • Businessese Contract Toolbox - The Toolbox gives you more information on working with your new Client Agreement for Registered Dietitians template. We’ve also included information on contract amendments, along with our amendment template. We’ve also given you access to our Contract Guides, which cover topics like how to address artificial intelligence in your contracts to common contract mistakes. If you’ve ever wanted to “pick our brain” on contract best practices, this is where to do it! (Value: $100)

Who Needs the Client Agreement for Registered Dietitians? 

This template was created for Registered Dietitians who are working with individual clients. Depending on your services, these could be other service providers or individuals.  

Want to Learn More about Contracts? 

Check out our podcast, Simplifying Legal for Small Business Owners. We've done many episodes on contracts.

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